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lirik lagu too handsome to be homeless – babybird

way up in the clouds
angels don’t fly
big silver birds
re-writing the sky
taxi & take off now
i close your eyes
look out of the window
watch the ground die
i live all day-to vacate the place-i love-uh huh
i work all day-to leave the way i live-behind
way down on the ground
people don’t fly
but here we at the airport
like ladybirds in july
just like back home
i wish that you were here
if i had a cellular phone
i’d drown it in my beer
i was once like you
dreaming you were me
locked inside your pretty head
wishing i was free
but i was so different then
and you were roughly the same
love was in your pretty head
and s-x was on my brain

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