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lirik lagu too many cops – acid drinkers

your daddy didn’t tell you
you’re a joke of the summer night
yeah, you’re the fifth wheel,
over your corpse no one will cry.
so you are burning, wrath child
you are walkin’ a lie
you are talkin’ with a knife.
mother always talked to you
you’re a f… in’ kid, you’re not mine,
you’ve always had war in your head,
bombs in your brain, storm in your heart,
so you’re a lepper, bad guy
you’re walkin’ lie
you are talkin’ with a knife.
every cop wants to catch you
each of them will say: you gotta be mine
you spend your life in hiding-places
i only know, that your dead or alive.
yes, you’ve got your own style
you are a walkin’ lie
you are…
[chorus:] too many cops talk about you
you flourish in s…
too many suckers talk about you
you live in s…,
(i don’t think you love it)

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