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lirik lagu touch it – busta rhymes

“touch it- bring it – pay it – watch it –
turn it – leave it – stop – format it”
[repeat 6x]

aiyyo swizz i don’t think they ready for this sh-t
aiyyo let me take they -ss back to the club real quick

[verse 1]
(get low bus!) who be the king of the sound? (uh huh)
busta bus back to just put a lock on a town (uh huh)
lot of my b-tches be coming from miles around
see they be c-min (uh!) cause they know how the god get down (turn it up!!)
now you know who holding the throne so gimme the crown (huh)
n-gg-s saluting and trying to give me a pound (come on)
i don’t really f-ck with you n-gg-s you n-gg-s is clown
making the b-tches stripping throw they sh-t on the ground
(get low bus!) now that’s the way that it goes (uh huh)
when we up in the spot the sh-t be flooded with hoes (come on)
see we a make it hot, the chicks will come out their clothes
that’s when you get it (huh) mami already know i suppose (turn it up!!)
shorty wilding and shorty open she beasting it out
for the record (huh) just a second i’m freaking it out (come on)
while she trying to touch see i was peeping it out
she turned around and was trying to put my d-ck in her mouth i let her

“touch it- bring it – pay it – watch it –
turn it – leave it – stop – format it”
[repeat 4x]

[verse 2]
(get low bus!) and as we started, got me ringing her bell (uh huh)
when i come i be doing it and doing it well (uh huh)
then i beat up the coochie and be making it swell
trying to hide the smell of the s-x, spraying on the chanel (turn it up!)
then they try to walk with a strut so no one could tell
how a n-gg- got in they b-tt, made everything jail
now the tickle wild like a nut, she blowing my cell (come on)
can’t get enough of the kid i put her under my spell
(get low bus!) it’s crowded mami move it along (uh huh)
if you know you ’bout it then get to removing your thong (uh huh)
to the whip in back of the truck that’s where you belong
after the yac, see the type of raunchy sh-t they be on (turn it up!!)
street n-gg-s respect it because my movement is strong (come on)
cause we consistently rapping see my money is long
all my b-tches is with me see how they singing the song
plus how we give you the stick and we be d-cking along, i let her


[verse 3]
(get low bus!) the god of the black, see that i’m back (uh huh)
every single time that i drop, the sh-t is a wrap (uh huh)
for the n-gg-s hating the kid i’m close to strap
cause all these b-tches wanna come talk to sit on my lap (turn it up!!)
everytime i give you bang sh-t to knock in your whip
n-gg- always do his thing b-tch locking the strip (come on)
lot of mami’s is dancing and they shaking they hips
after that they get low and put the thing on their lips, i let ’em


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