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lirik lagu touch this light – house of heroes

touch this light

when i get lost in a sea of grey,
when i get tangled up in the wires,
and my only hope is a beggar’s grace,
it’s you that i find,
before i’m blinded.

i can see you there,
in a rain of fire,
reaching out for me,
i can touch it,
i can hear your voice,
calling out my name,
i wanna touch this light.

when i feel crushed underneath the weight,
cursing every step as i tow the line,
i say my prayers to a rebel king,
your light shines,
before i’m caught up in it.

make a run make a run for the sun.
make a run make run. touch this light.

if i could see what you see in me,
if i just pushed through the crippling fear,
then i would run with the raging wind,
then i would live again.

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