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lirik lagu towards the funeral winternight landscape – evilfeast

when i reached so far
conducted by forces i could not seize
i walked as on the crest of a mountain
with realm of pest below
suddenly with surrounding snowfall
although the season debared from it
covered all the land
before i came to return to my conscience
walking on the sorrow’s path
which was never here
i gazed at the snowcovered crowns’
and wondered at their growing majesty
my journey through a black p-ssage
led me to the heart of the forest
into it’s thickest sphere
darkest, striking with it’s beauty
where sun is for ever veiled
by the branches of ancient oaks
phantoms were dancing on my path
hoaxed me into thicket
ravens croaked over my closed eyelids
sending word of a stranger’s presence
but those for which the wood is the soul
and they are the soul of the wood
haven’t destined me the enemy’s part
then the inferior ones took flight
as scolded by mighty hand
then the forest showed its true face
huge power overwhelmed
immortality opened before me
horizon became endless
deathly wind blew tearing the heavens
a voice thundered in my soul
rejection of weakness is my destiny
and unity with essence…
the obscure storm came
to celebrate the ritual
and the great battle started
under the rising fullmoon
to appear in my heart
a new aeon of darkness

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