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lirik lagu tower mouth – employed to serve


let it all bleed
but don’t waste a drop
the crowd are staring at you
needless to say they don’t care, quit it

i feel forced
please can you help me?
i can’t think for myself
just try and help you
you’re living life with the lights off
but with my guidance i’ll save you
i’ll make it through
good thing i figured it out

mark my words, i was right this whole time
i’m just leaving to preach
i am the worst

don’t give in, don’t give in
think it through, don’t pretend
don’t give in, don’t give in
i promise you’ll regret this

don’t respond to their ransom
don’t respond to their threats
don’t respond to their ransom
you’ll follow and regret

there’s no time to surrender
don’t give in, don’t give in
there’s no time to remember
don’t repent, don’t repent

you fell from your high horse and shattered all of your bones
above no one, above nothing you’re just the same

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