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lirik lagu trade in your kingdom – judith avers


you could turn sinners to saints
tarnished silver into weddin’ day gold
poppy hills, golden fields
out of desert sands and bone

does it get too much?
is your load too great?
have you given up?
take some time.
share some sp-ce.
and i’ll say,

“trade in your kingdom,
and all its grace.
lay down your halo
by my bedside
just in case.”

well i light a candle in your name
lay down with my hands
behind my head
thinkin’, “did i exaggerate
what i thought for sure we both were feelin’?”
should i give it up?
is there still a chance
that i could
climb your tower,
take your hand?

and say…(chorus)

well, i get up,
grab my pen
you know i’ve got so much to say
where do i begin?
i lean back against the couch
where you just were
know i should be learnin’ somethin’,
but what?
i ain’t sure

and it’s gettin’ rough
and it can’t work
cause when you’re playin’ with fire,
someone’s bound to get hurt
well, my heart’s my church
my hands the pews
this song’s my savior
and you my muse
you and i got out
before it all burned down
but as god as my witness,
she better deserve your crown
and if not..(chorus)