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lirik lagu tradition – heritage – destiny – evilfeast

the stones are silently carrying the eons burden
beneath them the tokens entombed in soil
i call over the echoes of the wayward winds of centuries
in tainted awareness they merge loyalty with betrayal
among the oak limbs lies the remembrance
and the elders artifacts covered by dust
brothers once standing as unity in warfare
displaced through grandiose treacherous strike
appeared against under opposite banners
sworn allegiance to the outer sovereigns
and lavished each others precious blood
they were clouds torn by the winds of history
at the field resounding with funeral chant
a tree with shallow roots bends under -ssaults
dependency to the nameless kings
ending up broken and defiled in mud
the deeply-rooted tree shall stand high and proud
on the restless barren land despite alternate winds
here are my roots, here, deep
inseparable with this soil
immersed into labyrinth of olden spirits and acts
i absorb the very n-ble essence
a vehemence to endure each storm…

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