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lirik lagu trae tha truth show – trae

i couldn’t help, but notice your pain
(my pain), it runs deep share it with me

ain’t nothing changed, i still sit watching the time go by
i’m on a level of my own, cause motherf-ckers too fly
they keep on calling me to stop, but i keep rolling on by
i ain’t feeling them n-gg-z vibes, and i’ll be d-mned if i try
it’s like i’m rolling by my lone, without my baby brother so i gotta post up
it’s abn motherf-cker, post up to get a close up
i’m leaning on the edge, my baby mama got me stressed
and plexing with me and my money, so i take it as a lesson
so my att-tude, the true definition of n-gg- f-ck you
i’m strapped up with fifty, gon make n-gg-z let me done f-ck through
i’m ten seconds from losing my cool, don’t get up on me
i been f-cked over too much, by some of my use to be homies
i won’t let em see me sweat, cause if they do it’s gon be h-ll
i know they praying that they see me fail, wishing i ain’t well
lord knows, i been fighting for all my life
so they know it’s war, and i’m gon get em when the time is right

[hook: x4]
welcome to, the trae tha truth show

they try to tell me bout the sh-t, i’m feeling now-a-days
being real is all i know, anything else might be enough to get you blazed
so i play my position, and stay the f-ck out that fake n-gg- type of sh-t
that gangsta false-a-fied, cause they read a fake n-gg- type of lick
even these b-tches dirty, i learned not to put my trust in em
a name with a lil’ light, and these b-tches’ll let you bust in em
they tried to run me rugged, but homie my stat ain’t never slipping
all i know is pain, and my finer show you that i ain’t tripping
yeah b-tch i’m heavyweight, and i can’t let em weigh me down
n-gg-z switching up and left the block, but see i’m still around
if you ain’t ready for the ride, then turn the wheel around
plus i got this clip under my belt, with about 38 rounds
they found my homie dead, murdered in the neighborhood
the love i had for him can’t justify, it’ll never be good
it hurt so much some of the time, i don’t know where to go
but that’s another episode, and it’s part of the truth show

[hook x4]

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