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lirik lagu trapped – proof

big proof, rest in peace dudey we love you, we just wanna keep makin you proud.

my life is trapped in these lines
thats why i’m packin these nines
i gotta rap, i aint dyin’
thats in the back of my mind
can’t relax on this grind
bendin’ over backwards so these slackers
don’t snap on my spine
natural high gotta focus
on these bogus poachers
lookin’ over my shoulder
proof get it poppin we sure to hold em
(we nothin but soldiers)
slow up
(this gun is loaded)
roll up
(they beefin we leave in cold uh)
if em slay it i spray it
if he will it i kill
we kilpatrick and ill it
show detroit ya’ll can feel it
real actors, gun on my waistline
at war we don’t waist time
ya’ll can take a punch if 50 can take nine
we got school craft pair a to 7, 8, & dexter
i’m up in hollis spendin dollars and feelin no pressure
yes sir u texted his b-tch, betcha u flinch
when proof shoot up that coup and wet ya whole clique

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