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lirik lagu treat me bad – mad heads


you better treat me wrong
you better be the one
that i hate, that i’m angry with
you better treat me mean
you better show your sting
better hurt, better vex, better tease
but you never act this way
you don’t give me a cause to go
but it’s so hard to stay
treat me bad and treat me cruel
let me be a victim
let me feel like a fool
treat me bad and don’t be nice
i beg you baby give me chance
to break these ties
it’s been a long long time
together are you and i
this is love… is it love… what is love?
what i felt and what i feel
was it real and is it real
i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know
i look inside my heart
and i cannot leave
but going on is also hard