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lirik lagu trial – atrocity

you know deep inside me are all aout of pain
we’re condemning, torturing, killing again and again
waiting for deliverance being nailed to the cross
hanging there like jesus christ
but without his graceful sight
suspected animation antagonized to die
make your last confession within tonight
deads i win
tails you loose
blackest sin
trial by ordeal
foreed smile, frozen faee annoyed arch enemy
no weakness, no fraility even without f=empathy
your mind is closed, disturbing fort-tude
hatred, fear
melt into a mental beast
forced to fight
steel annealed
prepare to strike
trial by ordeal
demolishing anger, concentrated violence
attempt, conquest
no mental anguish, warrant of distress
unfailing strength, unflagging opponents
at blood hit the inner conflict
trial by ordeal decides your life or death
pouring out the vails of wrath and d-mnation
taking a delight in an unholy domain
blasphemous, unholy
benedicted under god’s name

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