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lirik lagu tricky – time


1 2 3 4
why u big, tossed-salad, hairdo-havin’
long, tall, snaggly gold-toothed
funkin’ habit-formed, leather-wearin’
beanpole-lookin’, black…

sh-t! oh!
somebody bring me a piece of chicken, oh!

what… what tricky say?
what tricky say? yakety-yak?
yakety-yak, my -ss, motherf-cker…, uh!

oh, gimme some h-rns, uh!

u can’t f-ck with that, look out!
we ain’t gonna put no more instruments on this
we ain’t got time
we don’t have ti. what time is it?
it’s time 4 u 2. it’s time 4 u 2 retire, u’re old
but wait, wait, wait!

why u, and u, u
u old, michelin man, fat, black… uh!
break now… yes!

when i look in the mirror
and i see your ugly face
i just wanna run…
in front of…
wait, gimme some h-rns!

now u go… u, u… wait, wait, wait
let me… wait… u, u, u’re just old
that’s all i know, u’re just old and u’re fat
u know it 2, don’t u?
u know it, u’re just fat and old
hit me!
uh! yes! yes!
that’s right, yes!

johnny, johnny! {“tonight show” theme}
don’t u wish u could get on tv?
on the 1!

my man say “johnny, johnny!” oh!