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lirik lagu triples – band wagon

the “triplets” are nanette fabray, jack buchanan and fred astaire.
three little unexpected children
simultaneously, the doctor brought usand you can see that we’ll be
three forever and a-e-i-o-
you wouldn’t know how agonizing
being triple can be
each one is individually the victim
of the clinical day e-i-o-
every summer we go away to boden, boden, boden
every winter we come back home to walla, walla, walla
we do everything alike
we look alike
we dress alike, we walk alike
we talk alikeand what is more
we hate each other very much
we hate our folks
we’re sick of jokes on what an art it isto tell us apart!
fred : if one of us gets the measles
jack : another one gets the measles
all : then all of us gets the measlesand mumps and ‘flu.
how i wish i had a gun
a widdle gun
it would be fun to shoot the other two
and be only one.

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