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lirik lagu truth be told – the karkadens

this is what they tell you about the world
where everyone always shoots straight
and every shot’s a kill
and every crime’s revealed
but if you come to me
i’ll tell you about the world
stories that i’ve seen and things i’ve heard
tales they wish you’ll never hear
the death of wanted men
still alive in other lands
they want us to pretend
they want us to pretend…

tell me a story, i’ll tell you a dream
everything’s swell when you want it to be
i’ll play you a song and if you’ll close your eyes
you just might believe what you find
so tell me your stories and dim memories
we’ll make them all real like you want to believe
we’ll never look back, never care about the past
we’re blind but who cares about that?

nightmares face us every day
their answer’s turn your back away
let them taste the kill
while they avenge your pain
on their enemies
but not our enemy
they’ll give you names to suit the crime
they’ll give you names of friends of mine
and call them wanted men
this ain’t no accident
they want us to pretend
they want us to pretend…

one more day i think i’ll find (x7)
that i’m a wanted man

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