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lirik lagu turn off the lights – hollywood undead

(feat. jeffree star)

[jeffree star:]
this is jeffree f-ckin’ star
and this is a big f-ck you to all you jealous b-tches,
that get mad that i’m f-cking your boyfriends..
an don’t get mad that they suck my d-ck..
an then they make out with you after.. hoe!!

[tha producer:]
girl your b–bies look real nice to me tonight
let’s have a pillow fight, i know you’re tight
thats when we turn off the lights
girl if you’re from orange county i’ll f-ck you right
and i think j-dog might, if i’m nice
thats when we turn off the lights
i be the j to the d, girls call from oc what are you doing?
i’ll f-ck you in your new denali!
what a change.. cuz i f-ck girls in alleys.. behind the beauty bar,
lets see how far we can go on a s-xual safari
i got a d-ck like kareem abdul-jabari
now lets pray, go all the way,
your boyfriends gay, got his truck raised.. ain’t i right?
hey shady.. (what?) let’s have a pillow fight..
i’m a s-x robot sent back from the f-cking future
f-ck girls deep, stick it in their pooper


[charlie scene:]
i’m like the brad pitt of scene movies
take off that shirt and let me see them b b–bies
i like c b–bies, d b–bies, z b–bies..
sad b–bies, mad b–bies, clean b–bies, mean b–bies
i get p-ssed when the haters try and c-ck block
i get drunk an touch tila in her hot spot
it’s charlie scene, let me drink from your flask,
put on my mask and f-ck you in the -ss
hey charlie, how many girls you takin’ home tonight?
my d-cks sinned so much it should be crucified like jesus christ
beep beep hey, you girls need a ride? get inside!
i pull out my skin sword on the dance floor
rub it on your b-tt cheeks and watch it transform
you better put out, don’t make me hate you..
or i’ll do the michael jackson and i’mo rape you!


hey what is that? is that a guy or a girl?
hey f-ggot!
[jeffree star:]
shut the f-ck up, you want me..
b-tches get mad that i swallow more c-m than they can
wanna give me a hand? cuz i’ll deep throat your dad
then he’ll c-m on my face.. before i go on myspace
an every guy wants my lipstick smeared on his nutsac
let’s play barbie and shove ken’s d-ck in my -ss..
or you can be r. kelly an pee on me
just don’t get it on my plastic surgery
and then i’ll beat you like i did that b-tch stevie
you think that’s funny?
watch me eat forbidden’s fat p-ssy..


[jeffree star ad libs over chorus:]
f-cking c-nt.. lick my p-ssy.. f-cking c-nt.. eat me out b-tch!
lick my p-ssy.. sit on my face daddy… f-ggot!

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