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lirik lagu tv (why can’t it be) – 818

why can’t anything be
the way it is on my tv
i don’t know what is wrong
i only want what i see
you and i should get along
please don’t take this wrong
i’m tired of being alone
and i think that you are the one
if i had half a chance
i’d tell you how i feel
if i could make this right
if this was even real
but i’m too young to grow-up
you say to old to stay young
i’m tired of being alone but
i don’t think you are the one
i’m not going to change
and i realize that it’s not meant to be
as days p-ss so do my feelings
it’s not always easy to see
i’m ready to move on
i can make it on my own
if that’s not alright with you
that’s okay ’cause it’s alright with me

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