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lirik lagu twins in love – best friends forever


oh, i don’t know you
maybe that’s why i think you’re the perfect person
i can fill in the gaps anyway i want to
and spend my time dreaming of the fake you

when i close my eyes, i try to picture your face
but i haven’t seen you enough
i don’t know what you look like
so i enlarge your lips and change the color of your eyes

no, you don’t know me
maybe that’s why you think i’m the perfect person
you can fill in the gaps any way you want to
and come up with a version of me that’s not true

when you close your eyes, you try to picture my face
but you haven’t seen me enough;
you don’t know what i look like,
so you enlarge my hips, you change the color of my thighs

i bet we have a lot in common
i bet you like the same things i do
like chocolate and napping and new pets and springtime
summertime too

i know that it is true that you have a cooler hairdo than i do
but guess what?
you’re gonna grow your hair out to be as long as mine
we’ll be twins in love

i know that it is true that you have a cooler last name;
mine is so gd plain
but i can marry you and have your wonderful last name, too
we’d be mister and missus