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lirik lagu twisted – avail

and so we go pedal through the flowers i am scared and shaking where did we go now? the ways i’ve tried but the looking forward only set me back i want to know now where did we go?

before i could fly i didn’t know the feeling of getting higher and higher but the more you do it the easier it gets then it hurts more when you fall down

chime the bell is ringing why’s it so loud? can’t you feel the tension? time the clock is ticking why’s it so loud? no means of prevention

in my back yard i pulled every weed to get the flower that was underneath now the flower’s not growing it seems it’s dying from no air got choked at the root i wave my flag and surrender

in my front yard there are no cracks in the street so i picked up all the trash just to make the place neat but the more i do it seems the worse it gets and i can’t stop the tv going on in my head

chime the bell is ringing can’t you feel the tension time the clock is ticking no way of prevention

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