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lirik lagu twistin’ u.s.a. – danny and the juniors

everybody, twist

they’re twisting in cleveland
in kansas city too
they’re wailing in warwood
in pittsburgh and st. lou
so, baby, get ready
i’m gonna twist with you

round and around and
up and down we go
(yeah, oh, baby)
making with the
shaking to and fro
(yeah, well, now from)
boston to l.a. (oh, baby)
twistin u.s.a.

they’re twisting in new york
in old chicago town
in hartford and frisco
they all go round and round
they’re twisting on bandstand
so don’t you put me down

(chorus) yeah

they shimmy in charlotte
they shake in baltimore
in detroit and dallas
and down miami sh-r-
so, baby, oh, baby
what are we waiting for

(chorus) 2x to fade

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