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lirik lagu tyrannis – imperthean

beneath my form
you lay
with stretching limbs
you cry

my shadow
eclipses the land
killing the sun
illuminating your failure

my howl
circles this earth
shames you
writhing in pain
you will be

i am your
the one that watched you
crash to the ground
i am your
grinning when you
twist with pain

upon this world
you are now
with strugling limbs
you cry

my terror
envelops the land
lifting your rule
uncovering your failure

my wrath
has circled this earth
destroyed you
regreting what could have been
you will be

i am your
a thing you blame for the
crown on the king
i am your
a montrous form
holding on to your hand
i am your
forging the way
to a life of lies
i am your
ridding this world
of all deemed less

here i stand
taller than your sky
earth trembled

forever after
here i stand
atop the decimation
look to the sky
i bend my m-ss
down through the clouds
to show you my face

all mouths agape
when i reveal

their face is mine

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