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lirik lagu tyrant – blodulv

crush horizon, choke the lifeblood
cold blackened heritage of death
the age of the forceful fist
and an evil deaths desire

tritons son by blood
caesar of the pale moon carrion
blessed be the ruler
the slayer of the brazen morning

wh-r-s flock below
under these bonchard killing hands
faces smeared in s-m-n
bodies cold lay broken

generations burnt full of marks
the sores of the masters iron
crawling slow like poison through veins
dying dark, molested cursed

through the black ash he sees clearly
over the rolling hills of murder
the stench of satan’s minions rots the flesh

soil diseased
plague ridden shallow graves
empire built on petrified bones
dark destroyers upon charcoal thrones

spirit jesus torn from the soul
violence sp-wned from the cruelest tyrant

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