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lirik lagu u krazy katz – ant & dec

can u kick it? u krazy katz
can u swing it? yeah!
cut no slack jack gotta get myself back to where i was today i said
hoot-that-toot-flute in your sharp zoot suit
the one that you sold me this way
i’m not sure whose knocking at my door whos ringing my bell i can’t say
(who is it?)
but come on right in just a-wearing that grin coz you’re welcome in here any day

all u katz fall about
raise your hats to the man and shout
u krazy katz

play that lick snake on your funky sax break
you shake it you rattle you roll
a with a knick knack paddy whack make this dog a cool cat
to swinging some funk to my soul
i’m not sure when the clock strikes 4
if we end then the curtain will fall
but it ain’t a sin let the good times begin
cos the whole joints are having a ball

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