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lirik lagu uh-ohhh! – ja rule

(feat. lil wayne)

[ja rule (lil wayne)]
murder inc. n-gg-
(young money just crept in like uh-ohhh!)
em-pire, em-pire! hehe, let’s get ’em~!
inc gang n-gg-, young money cash money, collabo’
listen, listen

[chorus: ja rule]
to all my n-gg-z my b-tches my b-tches my n-gg-z my gangsters
hoes, pimps, and pushers keep workin with it, we doin it
we gettin it, got money we takin it, got b-tches we takin them
empire just stepped in and they like
uh-ohhh! uh uh uh-ohhh! uh-ohhh! uh uh uh-ohhh!
hitting the uh uh-ohhh! uh-ohhh! uh uh uh-ohhh!
cause they know we gettin it, got money we takin it
got b-tches we takin them, empire just stepped in (f-ck n-gg-z!)

[ja rule]
uh-ohhh! uh uh uh-ohhh! here i, go oh-oh-oh
it’s the rule n-gg-, you already know-oh
i’m gettin it, i don’t gotta talk because i’m livin it
money over b-tches period, and i’m dead serious
these b-tches is feminine
n-gg- so i tttt-touch ’em up e’ry time i see ’em
are you feelin it, it-it-it’s comin through the barrel
of the fi-ih-ifth, out the sunroof of the si-ih-ix
ih-ih-if, you willin to bear wit-ne-ess
how i take money, take bi-ih-itches, n-gg-z is
fascinated with the kid, love my style
your b-tch too’ll be on the d-ck you let her come out
quit handcuffin these hoes, my pi-ih-imp game proper
i’m a pis-tal popper, f-ck around and get shot up
my n-gg-z all riders, our b-tches all done up
f-ck! i know y’all n-gg-z hate to love us; what

[chorus with lil wayne ad libs]

[lil wayne]
uh-ohh! you did it, now, you gotta get it
weezy f is in yo’ buildin, i will step, on yo’ buildin
from the steps, of my buildin, raise h-ll, h-ll’s risen
call me young raekwon, i’m a chef in h-ll’s kitchen
and flow, sweet as devil’s food, i eat angels for dinner
call me what’cha want, i don’t give a finger in the middle
i’ma hold it down and blow up, the anchor is the missile
when i say we got them brrrrrrrrrr! i ain’t tryin to whistle
longbody maybach, it make me feel so little
i’m ballin on the suckers and i won’t pick up my dribble
retarded on the beats, sick, i spit hospitals
and she couldn’t stand under my umbrella if it drizzled
my pimp game proper, my inf’ aim proper
so run and i will hit you like jeremiah trotter
yessuh! call me, young carter
my leather so soft and i be stunt’n like my dada
ya dig?

[ja rule]
yep yep, i dddd-dig it!
but our jewelry’s so fri-di-di-di-digid, d-mn
how dare b-tches look at atkins, carter and crocker
like we don’t make that crack that get real b-tter
did-did-did-did i stu-st-stah-stutter the first time n-gg-, nah
they like uh-ohhh! uh uh uh-ohhh! this n-gg-‘s tr-uh-ouble
it’s the inc., n-gg- act like ya know-ow
who’s gettin it, livin this, gangster sh-t


[ja rule (lil wayne)]
murder inc. n-gg-
(young money just crept in like uh-ohhh!)
em-pire, em-pire! heh…

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