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lirik lagu unanswered – april ethereal

standing lonely in the rain
looking up at the crying sky
heavy drops h-t my face
i can’t distinguish them from my tears

there’s a bird lying on the stones
his blood is flowing away with streams
when i look into his fading eyes
i doubt that you’re here
so please answer me, god

are you here?
can’t you hear me?
my tearing scream?
my heart’s bleeding

you have just taken your revenge on this bird
’cause he was flying too high, too close to you
now you can celebrate your another victory
i know, you won, i can’t stop the rain

we believe, we pray, we wait for something
if there’s no miracle, we blame ourselves.
we think that we prayed wrong,
that our faith was hardly strong enough.
but who can we believe if n-body answers?
i promised not to cry but now i can’t restrain my tears.
i do everything in the last moment and this time i’m late
sorry, i had to lie looking into your doomed eyes
sorry for smiling and laughing when i knew it was your last breath.

i’m fed up with fables about you
i don’t want to believe in made up stories
if i am wrong then why do you keep silent?
i’m begging you, please, answer me

are you here with me?
can’t you hear me?

hypnotizing streams whisper secretly to me
that it makes no sense to keep on praying
i can’t believe that it’s too late
why can’t i hear you?
please, answer me!

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