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lirik lagu understand – melanie c

i’m looking at the floor
i’m looking anywhere to try to put my head into
a different place
i’m stopping it before
before i think about the promise to myself that
i’m about to break
fall into daydreams inside these walls
i must be out of my mind
cause i don’t even know you
but all i do is think about your face
and i don’t wanna call you
but i wish i had your number just in case
and i never thought someone could shake me like
you can
some things weren’t designed to understand
i hope you didn’t see
i hope you didn’t notice if you did i hope you
looked away
i’ll keep it all to me
i’ll keep on running cause it’s only when i’m running that i feel safe
as i fall i must be out of my mind
cause i don’t even know you…
tv shows and cars that won’t slow down
i should be looking for a chance but don’t know how
disillusion never let me down
don’t lose it now, don’t lose it
i don’t even know you…

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