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lirik lagu until darkness do us unite – abyssaria

colors became so strange
our silhouettes painted in black
our minds so bright and clear

we open our eyes when daylight fades away
we are voyagers in the night
on this trip we make no stay

avoid the light – until darkness do us unite!

banish the sun, smash the mask you had to wear
in this untruthful masquerade

black blood boils inside our veins
day is night, night is day
we are the few ones who do not fear the dark
we are thieves stalking through the park
infinite are the ways of the ones
who break the rules in this world full of cr-p
eternal is the l-st
of the masters of darkness, mistresses in black
and when death comes slipping
we hide in the shadows of the upcoming clouds
when life’s heartbeat’s quitting
together we stand under the moonlight’s bane

come with me, hold me tight
zeig mir den weg in die ewigkeit
until darkness do us unite
eine ode an die dunkelheit

and now close your eyes
we will die together in graceful embrace

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