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lirik lagu untouchable – the karkadens

do you really know why they think you’re untouchable?
why heads have been turning your way, but none of them faces you know
do you really know why they think you’re untouchable?
i’ve seen these places you’re going, these faces you desperately want to know

i’m doing my best to still love for
the right kind of reasons but there’s limitations
in this situation i’m leaving for you
that’s all i can do when they’re all out of hope to save her
this longing is much more than just a frustration
i’m counting the hours but her time has been taken
i am pretentious for hoping to save her this time

i’m dying to figure out what made her untouchable
why no one could reach out and give her a hand when she needed it most
i just can’t understand what made her untouchable
why the craving is there but the will is just dying to let go

someone tell me how to find comfort in lies
tear me apart so i can compromise
i know it’s been a while
i just need one reason this time
allegations never surfaced in time
left me in this vertigo for a while
you’ve opened many eyes
and i won’t look away tonight
so let me ask you for the second time
i’ll bet you’ve sunk too low to recognize
everyone around is smiling but they’d let you die

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