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lirik lagu up and down – pretty ricky

it’s ya boys pretty ricky
and i know some of you all s-xy ladies
wanna know how we do it

i like it real slow like walking through the the door
naked in a trench coat
making love on the stove
we can take it to the floor
gimme gimme some more
how long can you go
i just thought i’d let you know girl

up and down we go
like the sunlight and the moon light
and i get you right
in and out i go
like making love
that good love
that b-tter love
up and down we go
like a see-saw
i love it when you ride it
in and out i go
i’mma stroke it slow
don’t tell me no

[verse: spectacular]
let me slide in
we can keep it private
hit you from your front to your back to your side and
girl i’m known for action
s-xual satisfaction
i’m the one that beat it when for boyfriend just relaxing
caressing your body until you get hot
while i got your body feening
touching your hot spot
the ladies call me spectact
you can check my contract
got a couple mil out the deal for my six pack


[verse: slick’em]

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