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lirik lagu up in it – wiz khalifa

up in it

d-mn, we back in business

[verse 1:]
uh, wakin’ up the neighbors, you could hear the headboard shakin’
i’ll leave all of your body parts achin’
speedin’ up the pace while i look right into your face
you tell me that’s that good sh-t you’re tastin’
and i know you like it from the side
but tonight i’mma just unwind and let you ride and watch you take it
cause i’m tryin’ to get you so wet, i mean so wet
if there’s a record for this sh-t then i’mma break it
it’s goin’ down no matter the place or time i call
i got enough sp-ce
think anything you think you want, no prob i got enough cake
all up in it in the mornin’, knowin’ d-mn well that i had you up late
ain’t buyin’ it you ain’t spendin’ it, you keep throwin’ it back so i’m givin’ it

you love when i get up in it
you love when i get, you love when i get [x4]

[verse 2:]
wake up when i bake up that’s just somethin’ that i do
pick your favorite s-x scene, that’s what i’m gon’ do to you
up in your bed’s where you probably belong
givin’ you all that i got ’til it’s gone
s-xy as f-ck you still got them heels on
favorite position, we tryin’ them all
once i get in can’t get out of my zone
f-ck you so good you won’t pick up your phone
and when your girlfriends or whoever do call
you f-ckin’ with me so you tell ’em you gone
you don’t smoke so i break it down, you roll it up
you poke it out, your face down so i hold it up
you don’t give a sh-t that my money so big i can’t fold it up
plus i ain’t tired ’til you finish, this ain’t a race but i’m winnin’

[hook x2]

you don’t even gotta name a place where we can go
cause we already goin’, goin’, goin’
don’t n-body gotta ask or even got to know
baby we already goin’, goin’, goin’

[hook x2]

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