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lirik lagu upgrade u – lil’ wayne

i know you see the gwap ’cause getting money is what we on
riding drop top in the winter with the heat on
bad yella b-tch keep my p-ssenger seat warm
leg hanging out the winda you ain’t got these on
b-tch holla it is lil weezy
they can not see me they are like stevie
i am barrington like levy
i circle your house like bee-bee
colder than the he-be-gee-bees
never give free bees 75 thousand for these fees
shid i can get a 100 thousand up in these jeans
big stacks my pockets on creatine
young money dipset n-gg- we a team
if you don’t like it n-gg- f-ck you no vaseline
errr i peel off in the lamborghini
like a tangerine got the industry straight shaking like a tambourine
like a b-tch with some lips like angaline not jolie
hoe lee got flow id go where no other guy go
f-ck you hoe i’m so 5 0 4
i hope every snitch die slow
hip-hop that’s my hoe i know she know i like it wet
don’t want no dry hoe
alright b-tch i am d-boy no decoy and i will straight up destroy
any boy or man and i prefer money then b-tches are just need for
we are young money b-tches and i am the lee-dor
he are currency mac maine and bboy and i just signed
a chick named nicky minaj

and me i’m still spitten like a retard
and these n-gg-s soft they should be rapping in leotards
n-gg- we in charge baby put me in charge
and i’m just murdering n-gg-s free of charge
you dig just holla back i see you sarge
and i’m so f-cking high i could eat a star
yeah and let me upgrade you
you may not be a model but i can front page you
you know i’m nasty excuse my behavior
let me just taste you we can f-ck later
sitting in the coop looking like a racer
top peeled back like the skin of a potato
seat way back listen to anita baker
riding by myself smoking weed by the acre
hollygrove gata ain’t n-body greater
leave with some bullet holes the size of craters
you ain’t heard the latest weezy f the greatest
battle anybody n-gg- f-ck away your favorite
it’s a new game and i’m the coach like avery
leave it to the flow we getting doe like a bakery
i don’t really want to but these n-gg-s making me
put a motherf-cker on ice like the maple leaves
that’s a hockey team and i ain’t on no hockey team
but i’m a champion where’s the f-cking rocky theme?
d-mn rest in peace applo creed
i’m a monster everyday is halloween
a lot of syrup a lot of pills and a lot of weed
and i keep my pockets green like a pot of peas
and if you hating baby you can get a shot of these
these nut in your mouth can you swallow please
ha ha yeah i’m so hot i freeze
big balls and they jangle like a lot of keys
even deaf b-tches say hi to me
she tell the blind b-tches she say i gotta see
young carter darling understand i am micheal jordan balling
yes i’m a dog i’m a haul you homie
i’m a boss you man its just an employer moment

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