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lirik lagu use to be – kirko bangz


man f-ck these n-gg-s
make me wish that i ain’t tryin’ to f-ck with these n-gg-s
and you ain’t gotta f-ck with me n-gg-
don’t be mad ’cause these fans feel in love with me n-gg-
still the same n-gg- that’s wishing the same position
recking every song harder ain’t the same collision
had dreams of a daughter had to change my visions
when my auntie got killed, man this pain a killer
i call her after every show
had to let her know how a boy feel, why she had to go
in the minute that she went, and what am i supposed to do without
the time that we ain’t spent, i had plans i was gonna throw a party for her
now that party turned into a funeral
i seen alot of pain you hear my music then you should know
i’m too real for rap n-gg-s and these industry hoes
i kinda feel for these n-gg-s so in love with the dough
playing hard but when the camera off is straight up hoe
i probably seem like the n-gg- that be all about hoes
i love p-ssy but sh-t that ain’t all i know
my mind all caged up used to be on doze
straight hooping with my n-gg-s, now i’m buying some clothes
to deal with the pain ain’t sayin’ where i might go
out here show my fam’ we good so i got go
by myself shedding tears hurt ’cause i can’t show
how a n-gg- really feel ’cause i got 2 shows
this b-tch talkin’ ’bout i’m c-cky man but she don’t know
and this hennesy making me wanna kill this hoe
’cause she smiled at a n-gg- and my teeth ain’t show
she on twitter talking down my emotions blow
say my emotions blow, d-mn sh-t
and now i’m screaming at my phone like b-tch do you know how it feel
for it to take a n-gg- 22 years to make me
and switch your pops and folks that look like him
and have an auntie like your mommy she was your best friend
she help your get your first car, help you furnish your crib
get your girlfriend a job, helped you out through sh-t
dressed your sister up for prom, help you manage your chips
and you turn around and lose her in the same d-mn year
time and time i’m thinking d-mn, what if i was there
i probably could’ve told her husband that it wasn’t fair
and to think about their little girls
before he pulled the trigger on her then he killed himself
and deep inside i’m kinda feeling like it’s my fault
if she wasn’t helping be she could’ve been at home more
doing things that married people supposed to do
it’s killing me ’cause i just got so d-mn close to you
and everybody calling, telling me to stay strong
and it’s the reason why i always wanna be alone
you get to love a person then you turn around they gone
i guess she goin’ home, ye
i guess she goin’ home
i guess she goin’ home
i used to be a use to
i used to be a use to
i used to be a use to
i used to grind in the dirt
i used to cry ’til it hurt
i will look up to the heavens
when is my time gonna come
i used to be a use to
but i never got use to
being what i use to be
say i used to be a use to
but i never got use to
being what i use to be