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lirik lagu valediction – sleep serapis sleep


the truth has set free…
a sickly embodiment, the thunder that shakes my ident-ty
with guilted ink, it rewrites our reality
on a stone carved of all my imaginings
making men once strong weak, in days now dark as night
it will never stop until i forget (i forgive)
…until the ink in my blood runs dry
and so, my thoughts haunt me:
your last moment’s revisiting
i stand humbled by the grasp of oblivion
in a staggered descent
for what seems like years,
towards the realization of unimaginable solitude
and if i could, i’d suffer this myself
but the untold truth is that you wouldn’t have it any
other way
no, i will earn this sacrifice.
for, you show me what it is to live.
i will claim this uncertainty for myself, and give it a
name that it fears.
this is the day i abandon truth for the answers i’ve been
searching for…
today, even the stone beneath my feet will be forever
no, i will earn this sacrifice
so, let me show you what it is to live.

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