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lirik lagu vanz kant danz – john fogerty


(was originally “zanz kant danz”)

vanz can’t dance, but he’ll steal your money,
watch him or he’ll rob you blind. (x 4)


out in the street a crowd is gatherin’,
pushed down by the heat of the building, they’re wantin’ to dance.
makin’ their way up the street, a boy with a pig and a radio;
little billy can work on the crowd, put ’em into a trance,
for the little pig vanz.


you’re watchin’ ’em dance, not a care in the world;
so billy and vanz get busy, they’re makin’ their move;
the little pig knows what to do, he’s silent and quick, just like oliver twist;
before it’s over, your pocket is clean,
a four-legged thief paid a visit on you.