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lirik lagu venn diagram – lisa hannigan


i have lost you to sleep again
sleeping as we do on opposite sides of a venn diagram
i read the time in shadows on your wall
the shards of light through the slats on your window

i ease myself from under your languid arm
i fumble on my boots and hear you breathe through your alarm
and i disarm it for you, you rarely heed it anyway
i wouldn’t want it to intrude upon your dream
school bell ring, messing up the play

a note, penned clumsily in this century’s type-ruined hand
saying “gone down the shops for a walk
i’ll bring back some sandwiches”
and then i kiss your face, the black and the blue
i tie it into my laces, i don’t want the wander blocking up the view

i stumble out into the afternoon
i’m still salty from drink and the late night pool
and i’ll be gone an hour at most, you will be more diagonal
and i’ve a head on me in the post, i know, a castle swallowed in the swell