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lirik lagu verbalized opinions about intravaginal umbilical corded fetus in uterus – cenotaph


natural corpsegrinder’s fetish of perished

aghast agoraphobic, putrefactional c-n-l of whole
callus of a claustrophobic.
a buxom babe promiscuitic brain petrified.
fatuous, insidious sickness following systematic
development of venal sense, the remain of
consanguinity of fossil inside.

efficacious tries of an apoplectic man make the
catalepsic symptoms reactivated.
ending with catarrhic spasm a b-st–l schism and
ramificated insane fantasies.
these pessimistic opinions cause the obstreperousity
in my debris.
for what? for delusion.
degeneration in a dept of indoctrination.
oh! i found myself making abrasion on the membrane of
v-lv- due to speedy f-cking rate resulting with a
phycidity lost, mentally h–rded.
the h–rd of excess paranoia leaves me with a gory