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lirik lagu veteran (intro) – marques houston

my name is marques…barrett…houston.
my mommy’s name is carolyn and my daddy’s name is michael.
and my brother’s name is brandon and my sister is danyelle.
i like michael jackson and eddie murphy.
and sometimes my grandmother ray ray comes over and she going to put me in a movie and we going to be rich.

even when i was 2 i knew i’d be something.
i thank god because without him none of this would be.
when i was 8 i was on my “worst behavior.”
by the time i was 12 “playtime was over.”
when i was 14 i told the world “we got it.”
and at 16 i took you on my “journey.”
at 18 i introduced you to “imx.”
and at 20 imx came to an end.
but then again every end has a new beginning.
at 21 that beginning gave birth to “mh.”
at 23 mh got “naked.”

after millions of alb-ms sold, hundreds of magazine covers,
3 years in a row making you all “scream”, 7 seasons of television,
and the number 1 movie that made the whole world wanna dance.

from the beginning to now,
i survived the rumors, the negativity, the drama, the break ups, the make ups,
the confusion between me and people about me saying sh-t on the radio i never said.
i inspired the new generation of music.

so, now at 25 i think it is safe to say: that i marques houston am a “veteran.”

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