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lirik lagu vibrate – outkast

every boy and girl, woman and man
when you feel you’ve done about the best you can
muthaf-ck the wagon, come join the band
vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, higher!

[verse 1]
sometimes when it’s late at night
and you have no one to talk to
here’s what you don’, you go through that
raggedy cell phone ’bout two or three times
tracy ain’t home, tina ain’t home
the love below start talkin’ to ya


[verse 2]
the circ-mcision has already begun
desensitizing the very thing or thang that brought
you into this motherf-cker in the first place
and when i say “motherf-cker” i do mean “motherf-cker”
because mother earth is dying and we continue to f-ck her to death
play with your own score sheet, become the master of your own bation
and yes, god is watching you, but no need to be embarr-ssed
for the future is in your hands, no the future is in your hand
play with your own score sheet


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