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lirik lagu voodoo child – rogue traders

[verse 1]

you’re like voodoo baby,
you just take hold.
put your cards on the table baby,
do i twist do i fold?

you’re like voodoo honey
all silver and gold?
why don’t you tell me my future?
why don’t i sell you my soul.


so here it comes – the sound of drums.
here comes the drums, here comes the drums ?


baby, baby, baby!
you are my voodoo child – my voodoo child

don’t say maybe, maybe
it’s supernatural – i’m coming undone?

[verse 2]

you’re like voodoo baby,
your kisses are cold!
feel your poison running through me?
let me never grow old.

you’re like voodoo honey,
my pictures you stole?
you play me like a puppet.
sticking pins in a doll!




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