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lirik lagu wade in the water – homeboy sandman


pluggin’ my dead son, please don’t be dramatic,
there’s no need to be mad, son
i regularly man up,
came and saw my people so my people can has some
i think girls are the best thing
shout to any sister with a nibular breast ring
tho my preference is natural
garland said eugene has no purpose to be bashful
i work for the empire, zoomin’ downhill and all hands on the warp tire
while i admire persona h-llfire
d-mn it, i just put my quarters into the wrong drier
follow my gut, ? you confide on my nuts
if you feelin’ hollow, you can swallow enough

(hook x4)
wade, wade in the water

have you ever met a girl that you tried to date
but when you went to date her she was all up in ya data
so now the hottie became a candidate for playin’ hot potato
although impersonal, i’m personal as a trainer
i’ll be the first to say it, cursin’ like a sailor
the happy camper, tramps that wanna nag the champion of the nag champer
one man tryna understand rain’s part of the sun tan
sun is my root word, still i am absurdly susceptible of moon burp
just how a cat roll, otherwise, it’s just the otha side of a black hole
watch for the shrapnel, yo

(hook x4)
wade, wade in the water

you know who sucks too?
every single rapper that i used to look up to
when i was drinking formula i loved you
son, you had a formula that you should have stuck to
tex of the boy move
let’s rethink my answers so i can be more smooth
more smoother, your love like how the ma gooks love the p-rn looser
the born winner, the bordipede pordipede born again sinner
a god vessel, in the heart section actin’ all special
you ain’t neva seen it once
leanin’ off the garlic not, peanut lunch
he that runts stuff, one

(hook x4)
wade, wade in the water

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