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lirik lagu wait and see – brandon heath

i was born in tennessee
late july humidity
doctor said i was lucky to be alive

i’ve been trouble since the day that i got here
trouble till the day that i disappear
that’ll be the day that i finally get it right

there is hope for me yet
because god won’t forget
all the plans he’s made for me
i have to wait and see
he’s not finished with me yet

i never really was that good in school
i talked too much, broke the rules
teacher thought i was hopeless fool alright

i don’t know how but i made it through
it’s one of those things that you’ve gotta do
but i always had a knack for telling the truth


still wondering why i’m here
still wrestling with my fear
but oh, he’s up to something
and the farther on i go
i’ve seen enough to know
that i’m, not here for nothing
he’s up to something

so now’s my time to be a man
follow my heart as far as i can
no telling where i’m ending up tonight
i never slow down or so it seems
but singing my heart it’s one of my dreams
all i gotta do is hold on tight


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