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lirik lagu waiting to die – mickey avalon

(we are going to have open s-xual intercourse on every street corner of america.)

looking out the window at night can’t help but wonder
that god must be one sick motherf-cker
so i bust a nut in the sky
spend another day waiting to die

i came twice this sh-t as any german sheisse the flick
i’ll sperm on your perm, leave cigarette burns on your t-ts
it’s mickey avalon all up in your prom
p-ssing in the fruit punch with a baby blue tuxedo on
the dopest rapper this century
i sodomized your father in a federal penitentiary
and on the day i got out
i went to your mother’s house and slept on the couch
a street walker selling c-ck for rock
at the flea market trying to hock my watch
i stay on beat when i work the concrete
some honeys give me money, and others do my laundry
mickey avalon the kosher salami
for twenty you get chachi for forty he gets you fonzie
a motherf-cker hustler kamikaze
i use to bust tables but now i sell my body

[chorus x2]

(here is how we’re gonna do it
for the first time in america
there is a generation of
who are ready to get down)

i deliver quick with the magic stick
tragedy subside when honeys rub on it
it’s mickey avalon, d-ck thick as a baton
the illest motherf-cker from here to vietnam
i used to work nights at hot c-ck dot com
but then i got fired when my mom logged on
i’m on the run, my dad’s a b-m
i asked my girl if she loved me and she just said ‘ummm’
i bust flows that turn nuns to hos
so wake you from your slumber then shake you out ya clothes
there aren’t no other late night lover
all up on the track like scatman crothers
i’ll bust through the shudders, masked in a rubber
duct tape your mother and b-tt-rape your brother
break down the lumber and shake my cuc-mber
when you’re at home alone you know my phone number

[chorus x4]

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