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lirik lagu we are heading for another day – aendiaena

wake up
get up
it´s time to see the sun
enjoy a wonderful day

h-llo diana, babe, how do u do?
good evening andie, babe, i got the blue
don´t worry mama, my head-ache´s
not yet gone
mmh, your eyes tell me
u partied all night long
i lost may raybans
but what is wrong with u
i´m overweight-is that enough for u
sure excuse me, but i bet yesterday´s dinner
was fine
oh, how can u be so nasty at that time

life could have more meaning
would be more fun
when u open your eyes
by the first ray of sun
there should be no reason
the brightness to shun
we are heading for another day

h-llo andie, babe, how do u do?
thank u, really nice, and what about u?
i lost 12 pounds weight in the last three weeks
i did more sport and i climbed 7 peaks
i see, your skin is fresh
your eyes shine so bright
your either darling, thought i saw cindy
crawford at first sight
how charming u can be at this morning time
oh yeah, i´ve changed, stopped drinkin´
whiskey and wine

life could have more meaning…

we are heading for another day

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