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lirik lagu we be burnin’ – sean paul

[radio version:]
just gimme the gees an we be clubbing yow.
gal a make we please and we be thuggin’ now.
sippin’ hennesy an we’ll be bubblin’ yow.
set we mind at ease we got to take it slow.
[club version:]
just gimme the trees an mek we smoke it yo.
it a mek we please so don’t provoke it yo.
we don’t need no speed so we going to c-ke it yo.
set we mind at ease we got to take it slow.

[verse 1:]
so when you see the sp floating don’t provoke him
cause the girls we be poking have to smoking.
best thing fi the recreation a fi get the best girls inna every nation.
all topper girls we promotin’ and suportin’
and dem love how we flow king here them shouting
first cl-ss ticket invitation girls from new york, england and jamaican.


we be burnin’ not concernin’ what n-body wanna say.
we be earnin’ dollars turning ’cause we mind de pon we pay.
more than gold and oil and diamonds – girls, we need dem everyday [ – radio version]
some got gold and oil and diamonds – all we got is mary j [ – club version]
recognize it, we pimpin’ as we riding [ – radio version]
legalize it, time to recognise it [ – club version]

[verse 2:]
girls them a page me waan fi raise me
true me write nuff tune and drive them crazy.
well i man a true born jamaican
ready fi the girls them inna every situation.

we a the gal dem pro, them know we flow
with the lyrical content that make them dip low and
make the club keep jumpin’
turn up the b-ss make we here when it pumpin’.

summertime bounce to the music people choose it
sean da p gal a cruise with… well reputed cause.
we a the girls them champion,
have nuff a them like the great king solomon.

many girls inna wi eye sight s-xy dress type
se them ready fi a hype night
just gimme di light
an make we blaze it the roof we haffi raise it again



[repeat verse 1]




[chorus x2]


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