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lirik lagu we do it for fun pt.9 – tha joker

“we do it for fun pt.9”

i wake up everyday and tell my money good morning
look over to the right and ask yo b-tch how she doin
n-gg-s try to test me but that’s just a facade
only way i have a challenger is if i fall and die
we do it for fun got the whole country rockin
i swear it got more bars than trapped in a closet
i sh-ttin on n-gg-s, p-ssin on ho’s,
somebody please find this guy a commode
i heard what you said but don’t care what it’s about
i always goin in like i cant climb out
coconut with a twist b-tch, i am in the lime
i’m hungry for this sh-t, b-tch i should wear a sign
you might make a movie but i make history
yo girl call me daddy and she swallowing her siblings
frank lucas life, with a boston george swagger
yo girl should join a circus cause she swallows hot daggers
in other news joker known to keep it funky
j’s, j’s, j’s, my closet just junky
you are picker, i am a logger
hit yo girl with my trunk like frogger
your a dream seller and yo blunt is filled with bas-m-nt
i smoke before the party so i rise to the occasion
you know i’m a dog, but i’m never ever caged in
i’m humping your girl after dark, michael baisden
it’ll be a problem if you don’t show up for payday
turn it into april 31’st, that’s mayday
i’m on the road to riches and i’m in the fast lane
so when your b-tch disappear, it wasn’t david blayne
i don’t break a sweat when i’m on this paper chase
i’m already here, the paper just late
i be doin ho’s dirty, i can not lie
i don’t say good night, i just tell em bye
everytime i hit the club, i slam like a athlete
my gun put n-gg-s in they place, it’s a masterpiece
tell yo girl to play her role, come and sour me
then i pick her apart says biology
sometimes i be feelin like lil weezy
i’m the fire man, i need cats n trees
only waka flocka i love them gun sounds
wish a n-gg- would, i chop em down
hundred round clip, it’ll send yo -ss to glory
yours only hold 16, stat-tory
she ready to rock, so my d-ck just climb out
threw my kids against her walls like a time out
you say you a 100, but n-gg- i doubt it
i just keep it g, that’s a thousand
fruit got em goin crazy right on fruity loops
i’m the hottest thing around so she jumpin through hoops
live life wasted, i ain’t lyin
joker too cold alcoholic like bryan
i touring all around the country off a mixtape
i don’t make rental songs, but my rental break
asked her who she wanna f-ck, she said she don’t care
all my ho’s go live, i’m talkin on air
joker too cold, i’m the new sh-t
underground king, i’m the new flip
i can say i am the best, and i worry about hova
cause i’m still the mixtape joker

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