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lirik lagu we here – bad boy’s da band


[babs] we love this diddy, you know what i’m saying, you you worked the sh-t out of us dog, i
ain’t gon f-ck’, no i’m tried as h-ll
[chopper & dylan] c.h.o.p….p.e.rrrraa
[babs] shoutouts…shoutouts to mtv baby, shoutouts to mtv
[dylan] mtv top of respect
[babs] yo, we stood on long -ss lines, ya’ll
[dylan] and big up the otha forty thousand that didn’t make it, ya’ll
[babs] long -ss lines
[fred] we meant to be here
[babs] big up mysterious baby
[ness] holla at cha’ boy
[babs] big up walter, big up jonessa
[fred] alright, ya’ll are in this motherf-cker, wit da band, tryin’ to keep this thing right
here gutter, we trying not to curse at you motherf-ckers, but cha’ll don’t been living in our
lives, and ya’ll don’t watch the show, so this is how it goes down wit da band…