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lirik lagu we made you – chris webby

man, i don’t even know what i’m doin in this motha f-ckin booth right now)

haha, let’s go!

when you walk in the room, it is clear to see
i’m the one, with the bong, and the bag of weed
i’m a pothead
and everybody knows it’s so drop dead
if you will oppose it
i’m the one whose burning

back by popular demand
wait no not yet, no one even knows who i am
but i’m the white noise and i’m kickin it again
kick em to the curb as i stick it to the man
chris webby, check the johnathan hanc-ck
walk around buzzed on and pot
got so many lyrics, when i drop it i can’t stop
find me a biddy and i’m watching her pants drop
whoa, start unzipperin now
there’s no way i be simmerin down
but i be donkey kong and i’m a hit em with a simian pound
keep buzzin like a sippian
wow now, kowabunga
when i come and hit em from the under
round make sound like thunder
quaint as the weather in a tundra
stunned ya cause i’m rappin i’ll
it’ll really make ya wonder


i’m the illest white rapper on 20 muscle relaxers
sniffin anthrax just to feel the sh-t faster
i’m f-ckin jedi master no need for a blaster
my lightsaber will leave none standin after
i swing it around and cut everyone to fractions
keep em in a pile then drive away laughing
i think that i lost it, i can’t explain my actions
neither can the therapist, he says that i’m on crack
and i only have to agree cause i been smoking that
since i was like 6 sittin on santa’s lap
askin for my own prost-tute and a bat
so i can knock her out and jerk off on her rack
a little animal is what the f-ck i was
poppin ritalin, tattling, just to get a little buzz
f-ck, what was i even talking about? uh…
oh yeah, where was i? kids, don’t do drugs


and that’s why
my dutch
i’ve never had enough
so i’m a roll me up another once i finish this up
and that’s why
my brain
is now completely f-cked
so i have no idea why i am even saying this stuff

i’m a young buck, f-cked up, trashed like a dump truck
with bundles of smelling like a skunks b-tt
slaughter any dumbf-ck, messing with the come up
like mario with a green shroom, got 1up
on anybody cause you know i flow a dope
walk around with a cane, beatin up older folk
i’m just looking for a pair of t-tties i can motorboat
or a bottle of penicillin so i can overdose
comatose mother f-cker and the morning wood
raspy -ss voice sounded like donald duck
mad game, crazy, rolling with a lot of sl-ts
pop so many pills, who would know what i could vomit up?
hanukkah to ramadan, i got a bomb tickin
goin on and on, who would stop at my mission?
murder robin hood, f-ckin choke him with my belt
and i steal from the rich and keep it for myself


get high high high
get high high high
get high high high
get high get high

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