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lirik lagu wear it ’til you love it – american diary

this guy i know carries a tone through the walls with his stereo he is hysterical hes dripping wet, what a shame. its hard to stomach when you see a friend; you loved forever pour his heart and soul to prove that hes the losing card.
he thinks the things, he should have thought, he thinks at night, he thinks the day away.
wear it till you love it, try to fake it put your hands back on it, now you think your perfect, well tip our hats to disappointment, wear it till you love it, we lied we laughed we cried about it, weve learned to grow up by it, so tip your hats to
he talked a lot to p-ss the time he watched his friends grow older and start new lives with their new wives, and all the while the clock was still tick, tick, ticking, now his pulse speeds to a different tempo, and its hard to climb a ladder if you never put it up its like his first lovers lips he never kissed he lost the moment.
you can say what you want, but you know theyll never listen hide what you want cause you know youll never have it. you can wear what you want, dont wear. what they love, you can take it all off you can wear it till you love it. take it back down to the bottom of your twenties and youve got some memories to get you started in the right direction. shut your mouth he screams into the microphone hes writing a new song

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