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lirik lagu weekend – alvin stardust

it’s friday night and ev’rything’s right for the weekend.
we propose that anything goes on a weekend.
john called ann and jim got sue and i made a date with little old you

off we went to make a big dent on the weekend.

it’s great just staying out late on the weekend.
know a spot and i like it a lot on the weekend.
took the road to look out hill
the view up there is sure a thrill
what a night to hold you tight on a weekend.
there we were just sittin’ cool and cosy. just about to steal a little kiss.
police with a flashlight bright and nosey

said holy mack’rel there what is all this.
car top down just ridin’ around on the weekend.
took a chance on crashin’ a dance on the weekend.
we were almost inside the place
somebody slammed the door in my face
hey you guys
you gotta wear ties on the weekend.

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