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lirik lagu weight a minute – shawnna

shawnna, trackboyz, def jam

[verse 1]
you know i keep it d-ckie down get it to my toe
and when you see me reachin fa that itchy hit da flo’
it me and all my girls and they got us at the door
that queen kickin in do this n-gg- really know
we push ’em to da side and we make it through the club
they try to show me love, erebody want a hug
and now they tryin to hit me wit the bottles of the bub
but i be rollin sticky shawty hit me wit da dub
and now i got my hands up feelin real tight
we pourin out the cognac buckin where the light
the dj shout me out and now they want me on the mic
before i hit the stage i see some n-gg-z finna fight
and now they on they monkey bone missin in my flow
but yo i know you heard about the n-gg-z from the go
roll up anotha bi see ’em slick its on the low
here come security they tryin to kick us out the door. oh

tryin to find out where the party at
got a couple of them stacks finna mix it wit the co-ni-ac
weight a minute, weight a minute
weight a minute, weight a minute
i’m at the club where the vip
stupid n-gg-z at the door tryin to say they wanna see id
weight a minute, weight a minute
weight a minute, weight a minute

[verse 2]
i’m big balla but i don’t drink champagne
white mink to da flo’ color cocaine
gator boots and the belt wit the low frame
candy coated monte carlo wit the upgrain
weight a minute now they wanna see a b-tch ball
i’m iced out from my t-ttie to my tip toe
we at the bar finna but the whole thang out
and if somebody wanna start we can bang out
i let my chain sw-ng down to my waistline

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